Sunday, September 25, 2022 21:43

Vexing Blog Problem

Tonight I discovered a serious problem with this blog, and darn near lost the whole thing.

I noticed that for the months where I have a lot of posts (for a couple of months I was posting *very* regularly,) that there was no navigation bar. So, someone cruising my Site Archives by month, for example, would only see the first few posts, and no links to see back any further in the month.

So, I tried “fixing” it, which didn’t work. Then I tried upgrading the wp-pagenavi php scripts, without first backing up everything… Oops! I lost the blog and admin access completely for awhile. I mean, if you called up my blog you’d have gotten a blank page for a little over an hour. Files there, just inaccessible.

A little bit of hacking the raw php files (actually deleting the contents of the main CSS and php for the pagnavi…) from my web hosting control, and the Blog is back as is Admin control, but my page navigation is more boned then ever. I’ve got backups of *those* files, but right now they are sitting empty in the install.

(It doesn’t help that I did quite a bit of hacking on the defaults of this theme getting it the way I wanted it. Which is probably how I broke the navs in the first place. A lot of experimentation went into getting this particular WordPress theme the way I wanted it. And while I’m a technogeek and to quote Styx a, “jet-fuel genius who can solve the world’s problems with out even trying…” I nevertheless know what little I do about CSS and php from direct experimentation.)

The point is that I just dug the hole a little deeper, and now need to take away from my other pursuits to try and fix this darn thing. ;) If you are checking my blog and all you get is a blank page, I’m probably trying to fix the problem, as I can devote time to it.

Hopefully you won’t be inconvenienced too much, and you can find other ways besides reading my words to

Enjoy your Chess!

EDIT TO ADD: And I have *no* idea why the Page Navigation now does, in fact, exist. It’s there, and it wasn’t before! If this were a chess game, you’d label this move ?! – doubt and possibly completely unsound and yet it works! Plus my width balooned out more the way I wanted it originally… Pardon the technospeak, but I think actually deleting the CSS page navigation script unscrambled something that I must have modified and broke in the early days.

Sooo….. Just like a ?! move, I’ll have to analyze this and see if there is anything that actually needs fixing, or if by purging files I in fact fixed the original broken problem. After a full and complete backup that I can restore if I get into trouble again. Still, at least I can also try to enjoy my chess as well as troubleshoot, and you can enjoy your chess!!! :D

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