Wednesday, August 10, 2022 16:48

Slow Blogging Again

I’m ramping up to my second regular time control tournament this upcoming Saturday, so I’m now going into tournament prep mode. The next couple of nights I will be doing some last study on areas of improvement, followed by a no-chess night on Friday – if I follow my plan, of course! Which pretty much means no blogging before a quick post-tournament post on Saturday.

Wish me luck!

As to tonight, I did stop by Colley’s. Weather was just too bad for me last night (hence the video blogpost.) Managed to lose three games, a G/5 blitz, a G/20 regular, and a “wild” variant against a very young player where I had nothing but pawns against a full array. (Which was good training drill for me on pawn structures and management…) I then ‘lost’ a race to set up the array.

For those new to chess, or parents out there, the “array” is the starting position of all pieces. It can be a fun drill to see how fast one can correctly set up the array with the pieces scattered. Not to mention a really good drill for if you ever have to set up ten or more boards as part of a scholastic. Every round during the last tournament I did inspect every board on conclusion of the round, and consistently found 1-3 boards with King-Queen reversed on one side Remember that the light square should be to each player’s right, and the Queens take their own color:

The Array In All Its Glory!

The Array In All Its Glory!

After that, Chris Morgan and I worked on the TLA and some details for the upcoming Tri-Cities Chess Club quarterly tournament we’re going to TD together. (April 10! Not in my upcoming tournaments reveiw, which I’ve been lousy at maintaining, but it is coming…. Posts to ICA and Chess Life Online TLA coming soon, and mark your calendars now!)

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