Sunday, January 29, 2023 08:42

Almost Drawish

Last night was a good night at the Chess Club! Last chance to see people until Christmas. With that in mind, losing isn’t so bad! (Actually I simuled two boards and won 2 games and drew 1, and then lost two 3-minute games in a row. But I may *slowly* be getting the hang of Blitz.)

On to the meat of today’s post… Last Saturday I played out a Sicilian Defense game where I nearly held a draw, but not quite. I was equal, down, equal, down through the game. The critical position was:

Sicilian Defense Position

Position After 31, Nb5

I believe 31. …a6 is forced. Then 32. Nd6, and the next move should be 32. …b6. It’s pretty obvious in retrospect, but instead I would up playing 32. …Ke6.

After 32. ...Ke6. Oops!

And from here White has 32. Nxb7. So I resigned.
We worked for awhile on variations, to see if Black could somehow force a Kingside storm of Pawns since Black’s pawns are more advanced. But it does indeed look like White eventually gets a promotion and the win.
Even with 32. …b6 White still has a win – but best play puts the promotion at move 51 according to Fritz 6. And a lot can happen in 19 moves among amateurs. :)
The full game along with Fritz 6 analysis and my comments can be found here.

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