Wednesday, December 07, 2022 11:12

Down for a few days…

Earlier this week my main computer seems to have developed a major video card malfunction. (I say my main computer… actually my main computer after my desktop died.) And the current main is a tablet PC, so no just-add-another-video-card fix.

I’m operating on my last machine, an older laptop.

But I only have ChessBase Light Free running on this computer, not ChessBase Light Premium. And I haven’t pronounced the old tablet officially dead yet, so I’m not yet prepared to deactivate that computer’s copy of Light Premium.

Between the testing on the old machine, trying to elevate the backup machine to active status, etc. posting will be sporadic.

There is a chess-related lesson of the day derives from this: Sooner or later you may acquire chess data. (Games in your database program, openings databases, USCF logons, yada, yada, yada.) What happens if the computer those are stored in dies?

In my case, I can still take the hard drive out of that Tablet, open up a desktop system and cable that drive in. (Because I’m a technogeek, I don’t have to pay Geek Squad or anyone else.) But what if that drive died?

I’m still not in trouble, because all of my chess data is stored on its own USB drive. I also back up that USB drive regularly to another USB drive using Microsoft Backup, in case the thumb drive gets corrupted and/or dies.

This also occurs with my ‘regular’ data. I just find it convenient to have all my chess data with me when I go to the Club, or tournaments, whatever.

While not directly “Chess” related, it is still a question any chess player should ask themselves: Where is my chess data, and what’s my backup plan if that location dies or goes away?

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