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Hello world!

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

This blog originally started out when LiveJournal started to make moves that seemed like they were going to try and monetize the “Free” accounts they offered. I started looking for alternatives to LiveJournal, only to discover that my Yahoo! web hosting package included either WordPress or Movable Type as part of my monthly subscription fee.

I started immediate preparations to migrate – creating a complete backup of my LiveJournal Blog, doing much reading on how to achieve a LiveJournal->WordPress migration, and enabling and creating this blog.

Then LiveJournal backed away from their plans and apologized to the free account holders… My LiveJournal blog has been friends-locked for quite awhile now, and I do have friends over there. So I backed off the migration. Leaving me with an unused blog. :)

So, now I’m thinking of turning this into a Chess Blog of my observations as what is euphemistically (and a little sarcastically) described as a, “Club Player.”

We’ll see if this takes off and if I keep up with it. There are plenty of good and highly-rated-player blogs out there. Maybe there’s a place in the world for a good and not-so-highly-rated player and TD’s blog.