April 16, 2012 – TCCC Open Championship 2012 Tiebreak Round 3

It was truly a clash of the Champions.

Joseph Alford (L), Jonathan Bonwell (C), Surya Kopula (R) with the 2012 trophies. Unplated, because tonight's game settles who gets which.

On the lower boards, Jonathan Bonwell did a rated simul against Henry Rappleyea and Michael Bishop.  Jonathan was waiting for the results of the last tiebreak, to determine if he’d tie for second place or take third.  He won both simul games.

Jonathan Bonwell (R) plays Henry Rappleyea (L, Bottom,) and Michael Bishop (L, top)

The main event was on board one, though, where our Co-Champions from last year played the final tiebreak round of the tournament.

Surya Kopula and Joseph Alford, TCCC 2011 Co-Champions with their 2011 Trophies

Play began at the Chess Cafe at about 7:45 (a little late with the photo posing.)

Ready to start. Dennis Bourgerie looks on.

The players battled back and forth.  At the endgame it became Rooks looking for pawns.  Joseph, in a must-win situation to take first, moved from what may have been a drawn ending if neither player was aggressive and managed to set up an endgame in which he would Queen with tempi to spare.  When this conclusion became clear, Suriya resigned and Joseph won the game.

Joseph Alford is the 2012 TCCC Champion!  Congratulations to Joseph and thanks to all who played!  Trophies will be awarded on the Monday after they have been engraved.

Original Post:

The third of three tiebreak rounds for the Club Chapmionship, Open Section occur on April 16th, 2012.    (Or come and find an opponent for your own Private Championship Game!)

It has been a long road for our players, leading to an explosive finish.  Going into this round, Surya Kopula carries the lead with one win.  Joseph Alford has a half point.  Jonathan Bonwell has finished his tiebreak games with a half point.  Surya and Joseph play tonight.

The Championship hinges on this game and we will have a single Champion in first place this year.  If Surya Kopula wins he takes first outright (2.0);  Joseph Alford and Jonathan Bonwell will tie for second place at a half point.  If Joseph Alford wins, he takes first outright (1.5) , Surya Kopula takes second (1.0) and Jonathan Bonwell takes third (.5).  If Joseph and Surya draw, Surya takes first outright (1.5), Joseph takes second outright (1.0), and Jonathan takes third place (.5).

Players who have played in the championship may play a final rated game against others who have played.

More information to come…


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