April 2, 2012 – TCCC Open Championship 2012 Tiebreak Round 1

In the first tiebreak game, Surya Kopula won with Black against Jon Bonwell.

Jon Bonwell (L) shakes hands with Surya Kopula (R)

Surya and Jon playing the first Championship Tiebreak

The players, by mutual agreement, have decided to play the third round game (Alford-Bonwell,) next Monday.  The following week the match will be Kopula-Alford to complete the tiebreak series.

In the additional rated section, Michael Bishop and Darren Erickson drew their game.

Thanks to Dennis Bourgerie and Chris Morgan, who took notation of the games, and Henry Rappleyea, who displayed the moves from the Bonwell-Kopula match on the TV; we’ll look into the possibility of relaying the remaining games live.

Games to come later.

Original Post:

For the TCCC Open Championship 2012, we have three players who share top place after four rounds of regulation play.  Round 1 of 3 rounds of tiebreak games for our top players will be played starting April 2nd, with Jon Bonwell as White playing Surya Kopula as Black.

While only the tied players will be putting in further games towards determining which of our three players receive which trophies, any players who want to continue to play on during tiebreak weeks may be paired into a separate section with existing scores from the championship.  (i.e. you will be paired according to your score as of Round 4, even though it will be a separate section.)  Note that while scores are carried over, you may be paired against someone you’ve already played in the main tournament

Come and see the pinnacle of Championship action in Bloomington/Normal, play on in the tournament, or have a casual unrated game that will make you think you’re playing in the U.S. Championship!

Tiebreak section pairings:

TCCC Open Championship 2012 -- Tiebreak Section               Wall Chart, Page 1

      Name/ID                Group/Team  Rate  Rnd 1   Rnd 2   Rnd 3
   1. Alford,Joseph O                 1 |1900 | ZERO  | B 3   | W 2   |
         10279241                       |     |  0.0  |       |       |
   2. Bonwell,Jonathan                1 |1858 | W 3   | ZERO  | B 1   |
         20004366                       |     |       |  0.0  |       |
   3. Kopula,Suryapraka               1 |1743 | B 2   | W 1   | ZERO  |
         12796909                       |     |       |       |  0.0  |

(As a Round Robin, each of our players will play one game as White and one as Black against each of the other two opponents.  Color allocation for each individual game was done according to the pairing program.  At that point, to randomly distribute which player gets the bye each week, the individual weeks were entered into random.org’s List Randomizer http://www.random.org/lists/ , and the round numbers were thus reordered at random and re-entered with color information intact.)


Current Championship Status

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