March 26, 2012 – TCCC Open Championship 2012 Round 4

Update:  All games now posted; links available at the Status page.

Last year’s co-champions, Joseph Alford and Surya Kopula, drew their game to give them a 3.0 score.  Jon Bonwell was the only other player to join the 3.0 group with a win.

Joseph Alford (R) makes a move against Surya Kopula (L)

Jon Bonwell (R front) plays Dennis Bourgerie (L). Background: Ishaar Ganesan (L) playing Chase Walbert (R)

These three players will begin a three week / three game Round Robin tiebreak series beginning next Monday, April 5th.  Any Championship players who would like to continue playing for rating points may also join in.

A big THANK YOU! to the 18 players who participated this year!!!!!

Other Players of Round 4

Joseph and Surya again, Chris Morgan in Background

Crosstable (Final for Four Rounds of Championship Play):

 No.            Name            Rate Pts  Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4
    1 Alford,Joseph O           1900  3.0  W7   D4   W6   D2
    2 Kopula,Suryapraka         1743  3.0 -H-   W5   W8   D1
    3 Bonwell,Jonathan          1858  3.0 W12   L9  W10   W6
    4 Walbert,Chase I           1693  2.5 W17   D1  ---   W7
    5 Karra,Narayan Karthik     1288  2.5 -H-   L2  W16  W12
    6 Bourgerie, Dennis         1753  2.0 W10   W8   L1   L3
    7 Ganesan, Ishaar Pe        1135  2.0  L1  W17  W13   L4
    8 Mason, David J            1903  2.0 W14   L6   L2  W13
    9 Karagianis,Petros         2209  2.0 W11   W3  ---  ---
   10 Anagani,Vishnu Te          932  1.5  L6  W18   L3  -H-
   11 Walbert,Aaron T           1572  1.5  L9  -H-  ---  W16
   12 Musuku,Rithvik Re          993  1.0  L3  L13  W17   L5
   13 Bishop,Michael                  1.0 ---  W12   L7   L8
   14 Morgan,Chris              1213  1.0  L8  ---  ---  W17
   15 Scott,Garrett H           1445  1.0 ---  W16  ---  ---
   16 Kopula,Vishwanth           873  0.5 -H-  L15   L5  L11
   17 Erickson,Darren            907  0.0  L4   L7  L12  L14
   18 Rappleyea III, Henry      1008  0.0 ---  L10  ---  ---


Original Post:

Could this be it???

Our co-champions from last year share a 2.5 point first place.  If either wins tonight (assuming they play each other, which is virtually certain,) the 1st Place Champion has been determined.  However, there are four players with two points sitting right behind – tiebreaks seem certain for second and/or third place, and for first place if our leaders draw.  But we won’t know until the final round of regular play completes on Monday, March 26th.

Last call for players 7:15 PM sharp – the final pairings for Round 4 are made at 7:15.  Games begin 7:30 PM.   The phone number, if you are going to be up to a half hour late and want to be paired is 309-336-0103; you may leave a message if necessary and it will count.  Please note the 7:15 time will be strictly enforced for the remainder of the tournament – if you have not called on Monday or are not physically present and checked in at 7:15 you will not be paired.

Byes for Round 4 had to be elected before Round 3 was paired.


Current Championship Status

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