March 19, 2012 – TCCC Open Championship 2012 Round 3

Round 3 annotated games are now posted – see the Status link at the bottom of the page for the links to the games.


We have a wild championship going on.

Preparing for Round 3

Last year’s co-champion, Joseph Alford, won in his game against Dennis Bourgerie.  Our other co-champion from last year, Surya Kopula, won against David Mason.

Board 1 in Round 3 (Top.) Dennis Bourgerie (L) and Joseph Alford (R). In bottom is Rithvik Musuku (L) playing Darren Erickson

Board 2 (Bottom.) Surya Kopula (R) plays David J Mason (L). Upper board is Vishnu Anagani (R) against Jonathan Bonwell (L)

This places our two co-champions from last year in 1st place with 2.5 points.  Either Joe or Surya will either become 1st place champion outright, or both will qualify to tiebreak playoff.  Also, there are four players sitting just a half point behind them (Ishaar Ganesan, Dennis Bourgerie, Jon Bonwell, and Pete Karagianis.)

Top Board: Vishwanth Kopula (R) against Karthik Karra (L). Bottom Board: Ishaar Ganesan (R) against Michael Bishop (L)

It seems very likely that, whatever the 1st place battle sees, that tiebreaks will be likely for the remaining places.

The final regular round of the tournament occurs on Monday September 26th.  (Link.)

Crosstable after Round 3:

 No.            Name            Rate Pts  Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4
    1 Alford,Joseph O           1900  2.5  W3   D8   W4  ---
    2 Kopula,Suryapraka         1743  2.5 -H-   W7   W9  ---
    3 Ganesan, Ishaar Pe        1135  2.0  L1  W17  W12  ---
    4 Bourgerie, Dennis         1753  2.0 W10   W9   L1  ---
    5 Bonwell,Jonathan          1858  2.0 W11   L6  W10  ---
    6 Karagianis,Petros         2209  2.0 W15   W5  ---  ---
    7 Karra,Narayan Karthik     1288  1.5 -H-   L2  W14  ---
    8 Walbert,Chase I           1693  1.5 W17   D1  ---  ---
    9 Mason, David J            1903  1.0 W18   L4   L2  ---
   10 Anagani,Vishnu Te          932  1.0  L4  W19   L5  -H-
   11 Musuku,Rithvik Re          993  1.0  L5  L12  W17  ---
   12 Bishop,Michael                  1.0 ---  W11   L3  ---
   13 Scott,Garrett H           1445  1.0 ---  W14  ---  ---
   14 Kopula,Vishwanth           873  0.5 -H-  L13   L7  ---
   15 Walbert,Aaron T           1572  0.5  L6  -H-  ---  ---
   16 Hao,Hanson                1628  0.5 -H-  ---  ---  ---
   17 Erickson,Darren            907  0.0  L8   L3  L11  ---
   18 Morgan,Chris              1213  0.0  L9  ---  ---  ---
   19 Rappleyea III, Henry      1008  0.0 ---  L10  ---  ---

Original Post:

The Club Chapmionship, Open Section continues with Round 3 on March 19th, 2012.  Dennis Bourgerie and Pete Karagianis share the lead with a perfect tournament so far, but there are are players just a half point behind.  Trophies are till very much up for grabs.

Last call for players 7:15 PM sharp – the final pairings for Round 3 begin at 7:15.  Games begin 7:30 PM.  (Note the time changes.) The phone number, if you are going to be up to a half hour late and want to be paired, or you want to take a bye, is 309-336-0103; you may leave a message if necessary and it will count.  Please note the 7:15 time will be strictly enforced for the remainder of the tournament – if you have not called on Monday or are not physically present and checked in at 7:15 you will not be paired.  Period.

Also, please note that Round 4 byes must be declared by pairing of Round 3.

Come and join us!

More information to come…


Current Championship Status

About the Tournament and House Rules

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