March 5, 2012 – TCCC Open Championship 2012 Round 1

With a fairly strong field, we had twelve players and five requested byes for Round 1 of the Open Championship.

Players Compete in Round 1

Players Compete in Round 1

No upsets occurred in Round 1 – all higher rated players scored clean wins.  The competition for the top spot has begun, and the three trophies are up for grabs!

Please note that next week the pairing cutoff has been moved to 7:15 PM, and games will begin at 7:30 PM.  See you there!

Crosstable after Round 1:
Players:OPEN                                                              Page 1

 No.            Name            Rate Pts  Rnd1
    1 Karagianis,Petros         2209  1.0 W12
    2 Mason, David J            1903  1.0 W13
    3 Alford,Joseph O           1900  1.0 W14
    4 Bonwell,Jonathan          1858  1.0 W15
    5 Bourgerie, Dennis         1753  1.0 W16
    6 Walbert,Chase I           1693  1.0 W17
    7 Kopula,Suryapraka         1743  0.5 -H-
    8 Hao,Hanson                1628  0.5 -H-
    9 Karra,Narayan Karthik     1288  0.5 -H-
   10 Kopula,Vishwanth           873  0.5 -H-
   11 Bishop,Michael                  0.5 -H-
   12 Walbert,Aaron T           1572  0.0  L1
   13 Morgan,Chris              1213  0.0  L2
   14 Ganesan, Ishaar Pe        1135  0.0  L3
   15 Musuku,Rithvik Re          993  0.0  L4
   16 Anagani,Vishnu Te          932  0.0  L5
   17 Erickson,Darren            907  0.0  L6
(Note:  Karra and Bishop requested byes prior to Monday 
but the message was received after posting the initial XT.
Byes have been added for these players now.)

Original Post:

March 5th is the start of our Club Chapmionship, Open Section. Who will be take first place and be Club Champion this year?   Will the current co-champions, Joseph Alford and Surya Kopula, retain the title for another year?  Only one way to find out!

Players who wish to enter the championship are asked to be present by 6:45 PM, and 6:30 PM if you are not a current United States Chess Federation member and want to play.

All adult players, all players over 1000 USCF rating, and players seeded from our prior championships by rating bracket are invited to play.  The round will be paired for play at 7:00 PM, and the games will start as close to that as possible.  See “About the Tournament” link below for entry and tournament rules.

Come and join us!


Current Championship Status

About the Tournament and House Rules

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