TCCC Open Championship 2012 – Pre-Tournament Information

Come one, come all!  The Twin Cities Chess Club Championship 2012 begins March 5th and runs until we find the Champion.

We hope you’ll come and join us in our quest to find the best!

Please note the following (which constitute House Rules for the tournament.)

  • We play one round per week on Monday evenings beginning March 5.
  • Four rounds will be played by all.  Trophies and Honor to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.  (See below regarding tiebreaks.)
  • Players may join in at the start of any round.
  • Call for players closes at 7:15 PM sharp.  Play begins at 7:30 PM.
  • We expect “Quieter than a library” conditions during the entire time play is going on.  No conversation or post-game discussion is welcome or acceptable while any game is still playing.
  • If you are going to be late, please call the Tournament Director at 309-336-0103 on that Monday.
    • The TD will not accept check in or entry before the Monday of the round.  Calls the day before or earlier are *not* honored.  NO commitments of, “Put me in for every round,” will be accepted.
  • The TD may forfeit a game with missing player(s) 30 minutes after play begins in any event, regardless of  phone call.
    • The TD may, at the TD’s sole discretion, re-pair the opponent or give the opponent a full point bye.
    • The missing player, upon forfeited arrival or later notification of emergency, may be allowed a .5 point bye at the sole discretion of the TD.  If the opponent was granted a full point bye, the split result would stand.  (The TD will require an extremely good reason to grant the half-point bye.)
  • Entry fee is $10.00 for the entire tournament, regardless of number of rounds played.  USCF Membership is required.
    • The TD may require any player to pay tournament entry and membership fees  before the round begins.  (Hint:  Be prepared to pay at time you start your first game.)
    • The TD will not accept single-tournament memberships, but will process 3 month trial memberships ($15.00 for adults.)  USCF Membership fees are in addition to the entry fee.
  • The tournament is open to all adults, all players over 1000 USCF rating, and players seeded from the Under 600 and 600-1200 Championships.
  • Unaccelerated Swiss system pairings are used.
  • The time control in each round is G/60 +5D or +5inc (sixty minutes per side.  Five seconds delay each move before the clock starts to run, or five seconds increment will be added each move.  Black chooses which if an increment clock is supplied.)
  • USCF Membership is required.  The membership must not expire before April 30th.  The director will not allow tournament memberships, but will accept 3 month USCF trial memberships.  Memberships must be processed before the round begins.  Arrive no later than 6:30 PM for the director to be able to process your membership if you need one. All games are USCF-Rated.
  • We are providing scoresheets.  eNotate and MonRoi are welcome if you can provide an electronic copy of your score *before leaving the building.*  All score sheets must remain on the table.
  • As the TD intends to play, illegal moves will not be corrected at any point – it is up to the player to claim an illegal move.  For any claims, the claiming player is requested to pause the board’s clock and go to the Director’s playing table to request attention and make the claim.
  • As much as the Director would like to accommodate players who cannot be present for one of the evenings, the TD’s schedule simply won’t allow for make-up games.  One half point bye should be requested for an absence.
  • One half point bye may be taken for any round.  All bye requests must occur before play in that round begins.   Round 3 and Round 4 byes must be elected before Round 3 pairings are posted.
  • Tiebreaks:  If any players in trophy contention are tied after four rounds up to two additional nights of play will be added to break ties.
    • Only tied players will play the tiebreaks – a clear first after four rounds takes first, a clear second or third after four rounds takes second or third.
      • Clarifications by example:
      • If two players are tied with a perfect 4.0 score, and three players are tied with a 3.5 score:  The two 4.0 players will play one game to determine first and second, and the three 3.5 players will play [probably a single Round Robin] to determine third place.
      • Were only one player to have 3.5 in the example above after four rounds, that player would be clear third.
      • If one player has 4.0 and 2 players have 3.0, the 4.0 player is 1st place Club Champion, and the two 3.0 players play to determine 2nd and 3rd.
      • If six players are tied at 3.0 at the end of four rounds, we have a genuine mess on our hands.  However, the TD would be inclined to have all six players have a single-elimination round, to be followed by a  round robin of the three survivors.
    • Players who met during the first four rounds may be paired against each other during tiebreaks.
    • Tiebreak time controls will be determined between weeks four and five and are determined upon how many ties there are which need to be broken to fit in not more than two additional weeks of play.
      • If a single game is required, time control will be G/60+5.  If it seems possible that more than two games are required, the time control will be shortened to accomodate the maximum number of games required.
      • For any game determined to be an ultimate game due to time (i.e. played on April 9th and another game will not be possible because it will run past 10PM,) a draw will count as victory to Black.  This rule is only invoked if it truly must be a final game of the tournament.
  • The USCF Rulebook, 5th Addition, plus the latest 1/1/12 rules supplement and these House Rules above will govern play.

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