TCCC U600 and U1200 2012 Championships

This is a holding page for the U600 and U1200 Championships for 2012.  More details will be posted soon.

The Under 600 rating Championship was played January9th-30th, 2012.  Seven players entered the Championship.  Vishnu Anagani scored a perfect 3.0 to become Under 600 Champion.  Surya Nookarapu had two wins and a draw and earned 2nd place.  Aaron Alexander scored 1.5 points to receive 3rd place.  Chidambara Anagani was, by director’s decision, seeded to the 600-1200 rating section.  Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all who played.

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The 600-1200 rating Championship was played February 6th-27th, 2012.  Twelve players entered the main event.  Ishaar Ganesan played to a perfect 4.0 score to become 600-1200 Champion.  Advaith Prabu scored clear second with 3.0, and Vishwants Kopula scored 2.5 points with a half-point bye to take third.  Congratulations to our champions!

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Games from both events will be posted as soon as we can complete our compilation of both sections.

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