Tansel Turgut Simul Photos

On December 4th, 2010, Dr. Tansel Turgut came up from Decatur to play a 14 player simultaneous exhibition.  Some photos are avaiable after the cut, and more will be available at Colley’s Chess Cafe website shortly.

Clicking on the photos will bring up larger resolutuion images, and use your browser’s “back” button to come back here.  We do have a few more photos than these, and all of the photos are available in one still larger resolution – contact Darren Erickson regarding any of the below photos.

It was a cold day outside…  It is still snowing in the photo below:

100_0353_sBut we were heating up our preparations for Dr. Turgut’s arrival…

100_0352_sAnd then we were off and running!



The top four boards:  Colley Kitson, Rob Nunez, Dennis Bourgerie, Joe Alford:


The lower set of boards.  Far left is Nathaniel Sobery, who scored a draw:

100_0358_sDr. Turgut considers his move against Dennis Bourgerie, who would also score a draw:

100_0361_sDr. Turgut moves against Joe Alford, Board 1, who scored the third draw:


Much thinking going on while we wait for the Doctor to be in!  :


The author, knowing his position is lost, tries to figure out just how long he will hold out:


Getting down towards the end there were six players left:



And, in the end, the author didn’t have enough energy to take another photo.  :( 😉


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3 Responses to “Tansel Turgut Simul Photos”

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  2. Dennis Bourgerie says:

    Hey, these photos of the Dr. Tansel Turget simultaneous are really good! Keep up the good work.