November 30, 2013 – NM Karagianis on the World Championships

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is organizing a world championship Recap on Saturday, November 30th 2013 from 5 PM to 6 PM at iEXCELL.  National Master Pete Karagianis is leading this event and will provide his views on the games played in this world championship.  Please find below more information about the event.

 Chess World Championship Recap – Anand vs. Carlsen

with National Master Pete Karagianis

Magnus Carlsen won the Chess World Championship this week, defeating former champion Vishwanathan Anand with a decisive 6.5-3.5 score. Carlsen remains the highest rated player in the history of the game and has also now become the 16th Official World Chess Champion in the classical line. This exciting duel was viewed worldwide by over 250 million chess fans and generated global interest in the game. USCF Chess Master and Bloomington resident Pete Karagianis will be giving a recap of the match on Saturday, November 30 2013 from 5-6 pm at the I-Excell Center on 2416 East Washington Street, Suite B3.

 NM Karagianis will give a general overview of the match including his views on how the games played out and the future implications of the result. He will also focus on the key turning points of the match, with analysis and discussion of the critical positions. Afterwards he will be available for a short Q&A session about the match.

The event is open to everyone and FREE to attend. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to: or simply show up shortly before 5pm. Seating is on a first come first basis.


2416 East Washington Street, Arches I

Suite B2, B3, & F, Bloomington, IL 61704

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