May 2, 2011 – Monthly G/20 Quick, USCF Rated

Nine players came out to participate in the May monthly G/20.  Several players decided not to play in the final round, but Jon Bonwell, Joe Alford, and Dennis Bourgerie went the distance (along with L.T. Thompson, who played the last two rounds.)

Jon, Joe, and Dennis also all managed to reach 2 points total by different paths.  Congratulations!  We had to go deep into our tiebreaks to find the winner of the Chess Thing and first place on tiebreak is:  Dennis Bourgerie!

Action continues next week with first round of the USCF Rated G/60.  See you then!

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Players:May 2011                                                          Page 1

No.     Name                    Rate  Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3
 1 Bourgerie, Dennis            1724  2.0  W5   W3   L2
 2 Alford, Joseph O.            1911  2.0  D7   D4   W1
 3 Bonwell, Jonathan            1769  2.0  W8   L1   W6
 4 Hao, Hanson                  1456  1.5  W9   D2  ---
 5 Morgan, Chris                 731  1.0  L1   W9  ---
 6 Thompson L.T.                1100  1.0 ---   W8   L3
 7 Scott, Garrett               1444  0.5  D2  ---  ---
 8 Erickson, Darren              829  0.0  L3   L6  ---
 9 Boyle, Michael                523  0.0  L4   L5  ---

Original Post:

After April’s generous showers, we’ll see how quickly there are May flowers…  Whether the flowers bloom or not, we’ll have fast chess creativity blooming with the USCF rated G/20 on Monday, May 2nd.  Come join us at the club at 7 PM!

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TLA Information:

Colley’s Chess Cafe, 320 N. Main St., Bloomington, IL 61704. 3SS, G/20 + 3 Sec. USCF Rated. 1 Open Section. Plaque to 1st Place overall. $1.00 EF. Onsite Registration: 7:00-7:20 P.M. 1st Round 7:20 P.M., and all subsequent rounds paired on completion of prior round. Questions to: Dennis Bourgerie, 309-454-3842. NS, NC. Wheelchair Accessible. or

For those who don’t understand “TLA Speak*” :

The event will be held at Colley’s Chess Cafe. (Use the About and General Information link to the right for a map.)  It is a 3 Round tournament (3 games per player in the tournament.) It will be a swiss system tournament, which is the most common type of chess tournament. Each player will have 20 minutes on their clock to play all their moves in each game, and each player will have a delay of 3 seconds on each move before the clock starts to count down.

It is a United States Chess Federation Rated tournament, and therefore USCF membership (an additional expense if you’re not already a USCF member) is expected to participate – we can set you up on site for this. There is only one section – all participants will compete against each other.  A homemade 1st Place Plaque will be presented to the overall winner on tiebreak. There is a $1.00 entry fee charged for the event – $1.00 total if you play all three rounds.

Arrive to register for the tournament between 7:00 PM and 7:20 PM. (It is highly recommended that you arrive as close to 7:00 as possible.) The first round – your first game – begins at 7:20, and each subsequent game will begin when all players have finished their games in each round. (Typically the event has ended between 9:30 and 10:00 P.M.)

If you have further questions you may call the Event’s Tournament Director, Dennis Bourgerie, at 309-454-3842.

No smoking is allowed inside the building, and computer programs are not allowed to be entered. The facility is wheelchair accessible. We have a Facebook site that you can also check out (use the “Our Facebook Site” button to the right!)

* – TLA = Tournament Life Announcement, a shorthand way to speak of a tournament announcement (typically placed in the Tournament Life section of Chess Life magazine or online at the USCF website.)

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