May 2-13, 2013 – US Championship 2013

It was a somewhat hastily put together trip, and not an ‘official’ club event, but club members Joseph Alford and Darren Erickson went down to St. Louis on May 12th to see the final round of regular play live.  Rather than make a long narrated photo essay post (as we have in the past,) photos of Darren and Joe’s trip are in the gallery below:



Original Post:

The US Championship will be played in St. Louis from May 2-13, 2013.

In prior years we have had a field trip to the Championship (one such trip here and photos here in Past Events.)  Should we choose to form another field trip this year (we haven’t yet,) or if you want to go on your own,  the single round observation cost is $10 plus contributing to gas/rental for the carpool. (There are additional costs if you want to attend the opening or closing cermonies – ask about this at club!) This post will be updated if we form a field trip party that is accepting club members or have a TCCC trip day scheduled.

The event section of the website apparently isn’t quite up yet, but it is at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis.

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