March 7, 2011 – Monthly G/20 Quick!

Our March G/20 tournament took place on March 7th, 2011.  Thirteen players came prepared for some Quick action!

We decided to run two sections, one rated and one unrated.  The rated section saw four of the eight players tie at 2.0 points.  Congratulations to Dennis Bourgerie, Jeff Smith, Jonathan Bonwell, and Shawn Rhoney!  Jon Bonwell receives the plaque on tiebreak.

Jonathan Bonwell is presented the Chess Thing plaque by Darren Erickson.

Jonathan Bonwell is presented the Chess Thing plaque by Darren Erickson.


The unrated section saw L.T. Thompson go 2 for 2 and then take a third round bye.  Congratulations L.T.!!

The rated section has been submitted for rating.  We will have crosstables for both events later this week – check back with this thread for more!

Crosstable, Original Announcement, and TLA after the cut.



Rated Section (link to USCF Crosstable):

TCCC March, 2011 G/20 Rated Section Crosstable
No. Name Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3
1 Bourgerie, Dennis 1724 2.0 W5 L4 W2
2 Bonwell, Jonathan 1769 2.0 W8 W3 L1
3 Smith, Jeffrey L. 1402 2.0 W6 L2 W7
4 Rhoney, Shawn 2.0 -U- W1 W5
5 Boyle, Michael 523 1.0 L1 W6 L4
6 Arnold, Brian 1.0 L3 L5 -B-
7 Giriprakash, Thriambak 1.0 -U- W8 L3
8 Chandramouli, Adithya 849 0.0 L2 L7 -U-

Unrated Section:

TCCC March, 2011 G/20 Rated Section Crosstable
No. Name Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3
1 Thompson, L.T. 2.0 W2 W4 -U-
2 Erickson, Darren 829 1.0 L1 -U- W4
3 Scott, Garrett 1.0 -U- W5 -U-
4 Giriprakash 0.0 -U- L1 L2
5 Barnes, Carl 0.0 -U- L3 -U-



With the conclusion of the club championship we return to our monthly rated schedule, and being the first Monday of the month it’s time for three rounds of G/20 in one evening!  Check in by 7:20 to have a chance at the 1st Place homemade plaque featuring the coveted “Chess Thing,” to be presented on March 14th.

For those who do not want to play G/20 or rated play:  Most Mondays there are other players who do not want to play in the tournament, but are seeking an unrated casual game.  There is nothing in stone that because the club is doing a tournament that all club members attending are obligated to participate.  As the Bard of Promotion-on-AFile wrote, “‘Tis better to have played an unrated game, than never to have played over the board at all…”

On the other hand for those interested in the tournament, TLA and more information after the cut.


TLA Information:

Colley’s Chess Cafe, 320 N. Main St., Bloomington, IL 61704. 3SS, G/20 + 3 Sec. USCF Rated. 1 Open Section. Plaque to 1st Place overall. $1.00 EF. Onsite Registration: 7:00-7:20 P.M. 1st Round 7:20 P.M., and all subsequent rounds paired on completion of prior round. Questions to: Dennis Bourgerie, 309-454-3842. NS, NC. Wheelchair Accessible. or

For those who don’t understand “TLA Speak*” :

The event will be held at Colley’s Chess Cafe. (Use the About and General Information link to the right for a map.) It is a 3 Round tournament (3 games per player in the tournament.) It will be a swiss system tournament, which is the most common type of chess tournament. Each player will have 20 minutes on their clock to play all their moves in each game, and each player will have a delay of 3 seconds on each move before the clock starts to count down.

It is a United States Chess Federation Rated tournament, and therefore USCF membership (an additional expense if you’re not already a USCF member) is expected to participate – we can set you up on site for this. There is only one section – all participants will compete against each other. A homemade 1st Place Plaque will be presented to the overall winner on tiebreak. There is a $1.00 entry fee charged for the event – $1.00 total if you play all three rounds.

Arrive to register for the tournament between 7:00 PM and 7:20 PM. (It is highly recommended that you arrive as close to 7:00 as possible.) The first round – your first game – begins at 7:20, and each subsequent game will begin when all players have finished their games in each round. (Typically the event has ended between 9:30 and 10:00 P.M.)

If you have further questions you may call the Event’s Tournament Director, Dennis Bourgerie, at 309-454-3842.

No smoking is allowed inside the building, and computer programs are not allowed to be entered. The facility is wheelchair accessible. We have a Facebook site that you can also check out (use the “Our Facebook Site” button to the right!)

* – TLA = Tournament Life Announcement, a shorthand way to speak of a tournament announcement (typically placed in the Tournament Life section of Chess Life magazine or online at the USCF website.)

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  1. Dennis Bourgerie says:

    Hey, Jon Bonwell looks good (you too Darren) in that picture. The pictures on the website are excellent!