December 4, 2010 – Tansel Turgut Simul

Update:  Games, annotated by Joe Alford, are now available at this link.  (Link updated… sorry!!!)

We were very pleased to have Dr. Tansel Turgut come up from Decatur.  We had 14 players face LM Turgut, who agreed to simultaneously play all fourteen opponents with a G/60 time control on each board.

No challenger scored a win.  Congratulations to Joe Alford, Dennis Bourgerie, and Nathaniel Sobery, who all managed to draw!

A BIG thank you to Dr. Turgut for coming up and giving us an event to remember, and to Colley Kitson and Colley’s Chess Cafe for organizing the simul.

Some pictures are now available in the Photos section; more photos will be available at Colley’s Chess Cafe website shortly.  10 of the 14 games are now available at this link, annotated by Joe Alford.


Original announcement:

TCCC and Colley’s Chess Club are proud to present a simultaneous exhibition featuring USCF Life Master Tansel Turgut. Rated 2381 USCF and 2294 FIDE, Dr. Turgut will face 20 simultaneous opponents beginning at 4:00 PM on December 4th, 2010 at Colley’s Chess Cafe.

Priority will be given to TCCC members, with additional slots being opened to the scholastic community and the general public.

The suggested donation to cover Dr. Turgut’s travel costs is $5.00.

Contact Colley Kitson at Colley’s Chess Cafe, 309-824-5701, for more information.

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