Comment, Copyright, And Spam Policy

As we just got our first spam message today (Yay!  That means bots are starting to index our site!!!)  we need to point out a comment and spam policy…

First, comments approved are the personal opinion of the commenter.  They do not reflect the opinion of Twin City Chess Club, TCCC members (other than the poster if a member,) or any other entity other than the commenter.  Commenters are responsible for any comments made, and any comment or email may be published on the site without prior permission.  Twin City Chess Club reserves the right to delete or modify any comment made on this site.

The content of this site is Copyright (c) 2011- Twin City Chess Club.  Permission must be granted for any reproduction, in whole or in part, of any element of this site’s content, except for the game score notation of games posted here.  Any analysis published on this site remains under Copyright, including comments included as part of a game score notation.  For game score notation reported as part of Twin City Chess Club tournaments or other tournaments as permission is obtained from the organizer, the ownership of the score remains with TCCC as per United States Chess Federation regulations.

Finally, this site is protected against spam contents by method(s) which automatically detect and classify spam.  Any comment that the site software determines is spam may be deleted without being posted.  If you post a comment and it has not appeared on the site, it almost certainly is because the spam filter has blocked it.  We apologize in advance for any false positives which are deleted.

From time to time, we may alter the ability for posts to have comments or not, and we may turn on or off site features which require pre-approval of comments before they are posted.  It is not our intention to unnecessarily limit comments and discussion, however, the problem of blog spam can become severe and we want our blog to be as spam-free as possible.

Thanks for reading!

One Response to “Comment, Copyright, And Spam Policy”

  1. Dennis Bourgerie says:

    Where are the annotated games from the 2012 Twin City Chess Club Championship?