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TCCC Championship 2013 Photos

Photos from the TCCC Championship 2013


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May 2-13, 2013 – US Championship 2013

It was a somewhat hastily put together trip, and not an ‘official’ club event, but club members Joseph Alford and Darren Erickson went down to St. Louis on May 12th to see the final round of regular play live.  Rather than make a long narrated photo essay post (as we have in the past,) photos of Darren and Joe’s trip are in the gallery below:



Original Post:

The US Championship will be played in St. Louis from May 2-13, 2013.

In prior years we have had a field trip to the Championship (one such trip here and photos here in Past Events.)  Should we choose to form another field trip this year (we haven’t yet,) or if you want to go on your own,  the single round observation cost is $10 plus contributing to gas/rental for the carpool. (There are additional costs if you want to attend the opening or closing cermonies – ask about this at club!) This post will be updated if we form a field trip party that is accepting club members or have a TCCC trip day scheduled.

The event section of the website apparently isn’t quite up yet, but it is at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis.

April 30, 2011 – 2011 Spring Cleaning Scholastic Photos

See the main event post at this link.  We had eleven scholastic players and one adult house player competing in two sections playing G/45.  Thanks to the players for coming!  Photos are after the cut.


April 23, 2011 – U.S. Championship Trip 2011

On April 23rd, 2011, six of us from the club went down for the second year running to watch a day of the U.S. Championships in person.

This is a larger-than-normal photo essay, so the pictures are behind the cut…



TCCC 2011 Club Championship – Awards Photos

The trophies for the Twin City Chess Club championship of 2011 were presented on March 21st, 2011.  Photos (with links to higher resolutions) are below.

Because this is a picture-heavy thread that is crosslinked to the championship, the other photos after the first are below a cut line.  Click on the “More” link to see the remainder.

Champions with trophies 2011
(t/b l-r) Joseph Alford (Open,) Surya Kopula (Open,) Chris Morgan (U12,) Nikhil Palem (U12,) Hanson Hao (schol.) Not pictured: L.T. Thompson (U12,) Niranjan Panneerselvam (Schol.)


March 14-28, 2011 – G/60 Monthly Tournament

Apologies for not updating pre/post Round 2.  Many games were played, and the Ides have come and gone.  Some action from Round 1:

Garrett Scott Peers In

When the pawns are a'rockin, don't bother knockin...

Garrett Scott and Nathaniel Sobery play an unrated game

...Don't bother, Come on In!

Round 1 of March G/60 in play

The players (the two eventually winners among them) are working in Round 1.

Back to the future past:

Our tournament was completed on March 28th, after presenting the final trophies of the Club Championship (pix will be available in the Club Champ picture post later.)  We had eleven players participate in at least one round.  The surprise of the tournament was Dennis Bourgerie, who had a winning position in the judgment of the players present, but ending up losing on time.  Dennis and Niranjan Panneerselvam, therefore, will each receive a Chess Thing for their efforts.  Congratualations!

Final crosstable:

TCCC March 2011 G/60, March 14-28, 2011
Final Results, Uploaded and Rated

 No.            Name            Rate  Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3
 1 Bourgerie,Dennis             1770  2.0  W3   W4   L2
 2 Panneerselvam, Nir           1518  2.0  W9  ---   W1
 3 Bonwell, Jonathan            1807  1.0  L1  ---  W11
 4 Thangadurai,Bragadeesh        754  1.0  W8   L1  ---
 5 Scott,Garrett H              1444  1.0 ---  W10  ---
 6 Morgan,Chris                       1.0 ---   W8  ---
 7 Thompson,L.T.                      1.0 ---  ---   W8
 8 Boyle, Michael                591  0.0  L4   L6   L7
 9 Kumar,Prithiv Sen            1207  0.0  L2  ---  ---
 10 Pallem,Nikhil               1085  0.0 ---   L5  ---
 11 Arnold,Brian                      0.0 ---  ---   L3

Round 1 and pre-tournament after the cut.


Tansel Turgut Simul Photos

On December 4th, 2010, Dr. Tansel Turgut came up from Decatur to play a 14 player simultaneous exhibition.  Some photos are avaiable after the cut, and more will be available at Colley’s Chess Cafe website shortly.


Photos from 11/23 and Nov. G/60 Round 3

The photos are after the cut….