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iExcell December Christmas Open/Scholastic

iExcell Open/Scholastic Tournament, December 2013

A total of 30 players braved the freezing rain and icy roads and sidewalks to come play at iExcell on Saturday, December 21st.  Players came locally, but also from Hudson, Decatur, Champaign, and even Oak Park and Naperville.  Our Under 1200 section was too small to sustain the tournament, but the players got experience by playing up into the Open Section where they competed for the trophy prizes for their section.


As freezing rain continued throughout the day, the people inside played through five rounds of G/30 (U600,) or four rounds of G/60 (Open.)  In the 15 Player Under 600 section there were four players who scored 4 of 5 points.  Rahul Vudaru (Evans JH) scored fourth on tiebreaks.  Gowtham Krishnakumar (Evans Jr. High) took the third place trophy, Sreeansh Vakiti (Colene Hoose Elem) took second, and first place was  awarded to Niroop Krishnakumar (Benjamin Elem.)  This was Niroop’s first tournament.  The team trophy was taken by Grove, represented by six players in the fifteen player field.


Although the Under 1200 section was folded into the Open, we awarded the U1200 trophies to the players who had registered U1200 in that section.  Third place went to Marcus Lee (Colene Hoose Elem.)  Second place was awarded to Aarushi Bafna (Washington Elem.)  First place was awarded to Raghav Mukundan (Washington Elem,) who scored 2.5 points.  The team trophy went to Washington Elementary.

The Open section, 15 players total, saw excitement in Round 3 where Joseph Alford lost a minor piece for a pawn and lost to Mihir Bafna.  Mihir earned over 100 ratings points by defeating the Class A player Alford, going from 1404 to 1527 rating.  Mihir drew round 4, but earned $75 with a 3.5 score.  For Joseph Alford, it was his only defeat and he finished with a 3.0 score for $50.  Scoring 2.5 points and receiving $25 were Alexander Hsia, Minkee Lee, Grahame Watt, and Chris Morgan.

Every player received a Christmas gift from Twin Cities Chess Club and iExcell; players got to choose from scorepads, pens, pencils, and books (chess and non-chess) by drawings held every round.  The winners of the Grand Prize giveaway drawing were Jai Mahajan and Khel Gordhan, who each had a choice of either a DGT 960 or a Saitek Competition clock.  Our great thanks to iExcell for providing the clocks and many of the gifts.

The tournament also saw the debut of a new round information display system.  Paper was all-but-dispensed-with in favor of putting pairings and standings directly online.  Two large screen TVs (one in the playing hall, and one in the players area) provided refreshed information on tournament status, pairings and standings throughout the tournament.


The system was well received, and future improvements are planned.

For a frozen day, the chess action was hot indeed.  Link to tournament crosstable at USCF.

Merry Christmas to All, and to All Play Good Chess!

Original event listing post follows.


Chess – the Musical – in Urbana playing in December

The Rice/Andersson/Ulvaeus musical Chess is playing in Urbana in December at The Station Theater.  Details from a received email below.

Chess The MusicalThe Station Theatre – 223 N. Broadway, Urbana, IL

Phone: 217-384-4000                     Web:

Please call for reservations


Performance Dates: December 5-8; 11-15; 18-21

All performances begin at 8:00pm


Ticket Prices

Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday – $10

Friday and Saturday – $15

CHESS is a story of love, duty and sacrifice set against the backdrop of 1980’s glasnost and the World Chess Championship. It was inspired, in part, by the Cold War-era Championship match between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky.

At the forefront are the two chess masters: Freddie Trumper, a brash, cocky American who enjoys his rock star status in the chess world; and the Russian player Anatoly Sergievsky, the current champion and Freddie’s opposite in almost every respect but mastery of the game. All too soon Freddie’s temperamental nature causes problems not only for Anatoly, but for their chess seconds (Florence Vassy and Ivan Molokov) and the tournament’s Arbiter.

Tying the story together is a strongly thematic and intricate musical score, with lyrics by Tim Rice (“The Lion King” et. al.) This show spawned the 1985 Top 5 hit “One Night in Bangkok,” and the ballad “I Know Him So Well” has been covered by Whitney Houston and Barbra Streisand.

The Station Theatre is a small (approx. 100-seat) black-box theatre sited in a converted train station, one block west of US 45 off University St. in Urbana. Despite its small size, The Station has successfully staged full Broadway musicals as well as smaller dramatic and comedic plays. They produce as many as ten shows each season.

December 7, 2013 – Decatur Anderson Memorial Carpool

Darren Erickson will be going to the Gerald Anderson memorial tournament on December 7th down in Decatur.  (See the TCCC homepage for a link to it for details.)  Fair warning:  Darren is a smoker and smokes in his car.  But he is willing to take three other people in his Buick to Decatur.

(Others may also volunteer their vehicles – keep watching for details.)

Darren is planning to be at the Twin Cities club meeting on December 1, and you can talk to him then.  (Or if you have other methods of contact, go for it.)

Let’s fill up the Decatur tournament with Bloomington players!!!!!

NOTE:  Offers of carpools are strictly made by individuals.  The vehicles, drivers, etc. are not endorsed in any way by the Twin City Chess Club, and you travel with any such person entirely at your own risk.

November 30, 2013 – NM Karagianis on the World Championships

Long title!  Here are the details, courtesy of an email from iExcell:

Text Box:

is organizing a world championship Recap on Saturday, November 30th 2013 from 5 PM to 6 PM at iEXCELL.  National Master Pete Karagianis is leading this event and will provide his views on the games played in this world championship.  Please find below more information about the event.

 Chess World Championship Recap – Anand vs. Carlsen

with National Master Pete Karagianis

Magnus Carlsen won the Chess World Championship this week, defeating former champion Vishwanathan Anand with a decisive 6.5-3.5 score. Carlsen remains the highest rated player in the history of the game and has also now become the 16th Official World Chess Champion in the classical line. This exciting duel was viewed worldwide by over 250 million chess fans and generated global interest in the game. USCF Chess Master and Bloomington resident Pete Karagianis will be giving a recap of the match on Saturday, November 30 2013 from 5-6 pm at the I-Excell Center on 2416 East Washington Street, Suite B3.

 NM Karagianis will give a general overview of the match including his views on how the games played out and the future implications of the result. He will also focus on the key turning points of the match, with analysis and discussion of the critical positions. Afterwards he will be available for a short Q&A session about the match.

The event is open to everyone and FREE to attend. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to: or simply show up shortly before 5pm. Seating is on a first come first basis.


2416 East Washington Street, Arches I

Suite B2, B3, & F, Bloomington, IL 61704

Ph: 309-664-6473, 309-533-7676, 1-888-386-9226

Fax: 309-807-0588, Email:




November 28, 2013 – Happy Thanksgiving

We will not be meeting on Thursday, November 28th, 2013 because it is Thanksgiving Day.  (Seems obvious, I know, but let’s put it out anyway!)  We will have the regular Sunday meeting on December 1st and pick up with the B&N meeting again on December 5th.

November 2, 2013 – iExcell Open/Scholastic

iExcell Open/Scholastic Tournament, November 2013

We had 22 Players come to play at iExcell on November 2nd.

In the Under 600 section, Aatmodhee Goswami placed first with a perfect 5.0 score. Sreeansh Vakiti placed second, and Zachary Gross received the third place trophy on tiebreaks. Ayush Banerjee and Nathan Donohue tied Zachary with 3.0 points each. With an amazing turnout, Colene Hoose took the top school team trophy. All other players took home medals.

In the Under 1200, six players with five rounds led to a Swiss paired all-play-all. Arnav Sriram placed 1st with 4.0 points. Siblings Naaman and Kyra Rivera placed 2nd and 3rd with 3.5 and 3.0 points respectively. With two of the six players present, Benjamin took the school team trophy. All other players took home medals.

In the Open section, Joseph Alford managed a perfect 4.0 plus score for $100; Mihir Bafna and Narayan Karthik Karra tied for 2.5 points (drawing their last game against each other) for $25.

Link to ratings at USCF for this tournament are at this link.

The next iExcell tournament will be on December 7th.

Final Results:

Players:U600                                                              Page 1

Plc            Name               ID    Exp. St  Gr Rate Pts  Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
   1 Goswami,Aatmodhee         15005635 1113 IL      574  5.0  W5   W3   W4   W2   W7
   2 Vakiti,Sreeansh R         14747680 1014 IL      504  4.0  W9   W8   W3   L1   W5
   3 Gross, Zachary            15065112 1012 IL      378  3.0 W11   L1   L2  -B-   W4
   4 Banerjee, Ayush           15029187 1113 IL      559  3.0  W7   W6   L1   W8   L3
   5 Donohue,Nathan            15061213 0114 IL      397  3.0  L1  -B-  W11  W10   L2
   6 Billingsly,Cora           15262370 1014 IL           2.5 W10   L4   L9  D11   W8
   7 Vanguru,Rishith           15041748      IL           2.0  L4  W10   L8   W9   L1
   8 Karra,Kunal Prath         14744151 1213 IL      305  2.0 -B-   L2   W7   L4   L6
   9 Ravi,Ishita               15260518 1014 IL           2.0  L2  L11   W6   L7  -B-
  10 Tummala,Shritan           15264340 1114 IL           2.0  L6   L7  -B-   L5  W11
  11 Sreekanth,Arun            15256753      IL           1.5  L3   W9   L5   D6  L10

Players:U1200                                                             Page 1

Plc            Name               ID    Exp. St  Gr Rate Pts  Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
   1 Sriram,Arnav              14353916 0214 IL      795  4.0  W4   D2   W3   W5   D6
   2 Rivera, Naaman Jos        14303281 0214 IL      900  3.5  W3   D1   L5   W6   W4
   3 Rivera, Kyra Elian        14572996 0214 IL      722  3.0  L2   W6   L1   W4   W5
   4 Nadkarni,Anusha           14789160 0214 IL      642  2.0  L1   W5   W6   L3   L2
   5 Bhamidipati,Nishant       14815241 0114 IL      585  1.5  D6   L4   W2   L1   L3
   6 Wang,Jaden                14818345 1015 IL      774  1.0  D5   L3   L4   L2   D1

Players:OPEN                                                              Page 1

Plc            Name               ID    Exp. St  Gr Rate Pts  Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4
   1 Alford,Joseph O           10279241 9999 IL     1900  4.0  W3   W2   W4   W5
   2 Bafna,Mihir               13737414 1113 IL     1363  2.5  W4   L1  -B-   D3
   3 Karra,Narayan Karthik     12988332 1213 IL     1391  2.5  L1  -B-   W5   D2
   4 Prabu,Advaith             14378111 0214 IL     1487  2.0  L2   W5   L1  -B-
   5 Bafna,Aarushi             14289595 1113 IL      734  1.0 -B-   L4   L3   L1

PreTournament (Before November 2) Info:

The next tournament to be held at iExcell will be on Saturday, November 2, 2013.  Details in “TLA” (“Tournament Life Announcement”) format follow, then a “plain language” explanation.  The tournament flyer can also be found here.

TLA Information:

iExcell, 2416 East Washington Street, Suite B3, Bloomington IL 61704.
For new players, see for more
comprehensive explanations. In 3 Sections Open: 4SS, G/60;d5, EF:
$30.00 if Prepaid by Oct. 30; $35.00 Onsite. $$: $100.00 for 4.0 score;
$75.00 for 3.5 score; $50.00 for 3.0 score, $25.00 for 2.5 score. Only
zero point byes allowed, all rounds. Floor repairings will be done for
any player 15 minutes after round start if opponent not present.
U1200 Scholastic: 5SS, G/30;d5, Open to 1200 & under. Open to
Scholastic Players Only. EF: Scholastic sections: $15 if paid by October
30; $20 Onsite. Prizes: 1st-3rd Place Trophy, 1st Place School Team
Trophy. All players receive at least one’goodie.’ All scholastic players
receive participation medals. ½ point bye available any single round
*except final round*; zero point byes only in final round. We reserve
the right to combine the U600/U1200 sections or reduce rounds if
number of players is low. U600 Scholastic: 4SS, G/30;d5, Open to
600 & under. Open to Scholastic Players Only. EF: Scholastic sections:
$15 if paid by October 30; $20 Onsite. Prizes: 1st-3rd Place Trophy,
1st Place School Team Trophy. All players receive at least one’goodie.’
All scholastic players receive participation medals. ½ point bye available
any single round *except final round*; zero point byes only in final
round. We reserve the right to combine the U600/U1200 sections or
reduce rounds if number of players is low. ALL: Rds: Check-In and
Door Registration Ends 8:30 AM; 1st Round begins play ASAP after
registration closes at 8:30. Lunch break provided, all other rounds ASAP.
Preregistered players are expected to check-in. ENT: Rahul Bafna, iExcell
(309) 287 -0293 or INFO:
DIR: See for Google Map to site.

Some explanation in English:

This will be a United States Chess Federation rated tournament at iExcell.  There are three sections, one for scholastic players under 600 USCF rating, one for scholastic players under 1200 USCF rating, and an open section for scholastic and adult players.  If the scholastic attendance (U600/U1200) is too small we reserve the right to either shorten the number of rounds or combine the two sections together.

All sections have the following in common:

Everyone must be present and either have checked in, or be in the check in line, by 8:30 AM.  Late arrivals, even those preregistered, may or may not have a first round game.  It pays to be early!

All players must be paid members of the USCF (because we are not separating by grade, all players must have current expirations or pay a minimum three month USCF membership fee, in addition to the tournament registration fee.)

We will take a lunch break when possible and the start time for the post-lunch round will be announced.  Otherwise, all rounds begin as soon as possible after the last game in the prior round is finished.  In practice there’s about a fifteen minute break after the last game finishes and when play in the next round starts.

Typically the scholastic sections end at around 4:30 PM.  (A perfect day would have rounds approximately start at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 1:50 PM, and 3:15 PM.)  The open section usually ends at 6:00 PM, (rounds start at 9:00 AM, 12:oo PM, 2:15 PM, and 4:15 PM.)  Things, however, rarely come out perfectly.

To preregister, or if you have any questions, please contact Rahul Bafna of iExcell at (309) 287 -0293 or email

The scholastic sections share the following in common (even though they are two separate sections):

It is a total of 5 rounds in Swiss system format (all players play 5 games of chess during the day.)  Each side has thirty minutes each to play the game (bringing/buying a clock is recommended,) and each there will be 5 seconds of delay each move before time starts counting down.  If neither player has a clock, we will place a clock on the board with both times equally split based on availability (this typically happens in the last 10-20 minutes of the round.)

The top 3 players by tiebreak score receive trophies, and the school with the four best players takes a team trophy. All players take home a medal.

Players may take up to one half point bye for any round except the last round.  This counts as a draw for pairing and prize purposes.

The entry fee is $15.00 if prepaid by October 30, and $20.00 if paid after October 30 / at the site.

The open section has the following characteristics:

It is a total of 4 rounds in Swiss system format (all players play 4 games of chess during the day.)  Each side has sixty minutes each to play the game (bringing/buying a clock is recommended,) and there will be 5 seconds of delay each move before the time starts counting down.  If neither player has a clock, we will place a clock on the board with both times equally split based on availability (this typically happens in the last 10-20 minutes of the round.)

This is a plus-scores section.  A player scoring a perfect 4.0 score receives $100.00.  A player who scores 3.5 receives $75.00.  A player scoring 3.0 receives $50.00.  A player who scores 2.5 points receives $25.00.  Scores less than 2 points receive nothing.

Because we’re playing plus scores, all elected byes count for zero points, not a half point.  Also, to avoid more than one (possible) full point bye in a round, we may do floor repairing of any player whose opponent is more than 15 minutes late for the round start.

The entry fee is $30.00 if prepaid by October 30, and $35.00 if paid after October 30 / at the site.

September 21, 2013, Springfield, David Mote Memorial

The Springfield Chess Club is hosting their annual David Mote Memorial tournament on September 21st, 2013.  No ‘official’ field trip is yet planned, check back with this post if we decide to hold a carpool.

Details from the USCF Online TLA are below.  (Did you know that US Chess Federation members can have tournament announcements emailed based on distance from your location?  Ask Darren at club about how to sign yourself up for it!)

Sep 21, 2013
Springfield 1th Annual David Mote Memorial
Springfield, IL

Douglas United Methodist Church, 501 S. Douglas, Springfield.

Reg.: 9-9:45.

Rds.: 10-12:45-3:00-5:15.
Lunch break at 12:15.

EF: $17 by 9/18, $20 at site, $2 less to SCC members.

Prizes: $$400 b/30. 140-80, 1600-1999 60, 1200-1599 50, Under 1200 40, Unrated 30.

Ent/Info: David Long, 401 S. Illinois St., Springfield 62704. 217-726-2584.
Information and directions available at:

July 27 – August 4, 2013 – U.S. Open

The U.S. Open tournament will occur from July 27 to August 4, 2013.  This year the event is being held in Madison, Wisconsin.  Just a 3 hour 10 minute drive from Bloomington!

In addition to the week-long tournament and week-long annual Delegates Meeting there are several side events as well.

Road trip, anyone???  (Or train? 😉 )

July 27 / August 3, 2013 – TCCC Championship 2013

The championship tournament is finished!  Update:  August 3rd, 10:00  PM.  Tournament is complete and has been rated by USCF – link; photos posted (link); unannotated games (link); annotated games to come.

Congratulations to our champions!  Jason Chien is 2013 TCCC Champion with a perfect 4.0 score.  Ishaar Ganesan is 2o13 TCCC Under Age 18 champion with 2.5 points.


Tournament summary:

Things got off to a bang in Round 1 at iExcell, twelve players began to fight for the crown.  Most surprising was the Round 1 victory of Prithiv Kumar over Dennis Bourgerie, the only significant upset of the tournament.  Unfortunately Dennis would continue to lose rating points in Round 2, with a draw to Karthik Karra.  As the first half of the tournament ended, three players would carry perfect 2.0 scores:  Reigning champion Joseph Alford, past champion Jason Chien, and Ishaar Ganesan.

The second Saturday began with Ishaar, the lowest rated of the 2.0 group dropping down to face Advaith Prabu for a draw.  It was a battle of the Champions on top board, with 1900 rated Joseph Alford succumbing to 1939 rated Jason Chien.  Two more games would end in draws.  (We saw a total of 8 draws during the tournament of 24 games – possibly the most draws in any Championship in recent memory.)

The final round saw 3.0 Jason Chien face 2.5 point Ishaar Ganesan.  The battle would clinch the championship for Jason and put Ishaar into position where he could be caught, but not surpassed, for an Under Age 18 trophy.  Dennis Bourgerie would score his first win (after two draws) against Advaith Prabu, knocking Advaith out of the running for the Under-18 trophy.

The battle of the tournament may well have been the other two 1.5 players, Mihir Bafna and Karthik Karra who were playing each other.  An excellent distraction of the Queen guard on move 28 allowed Mihir to go from one pawn up to two pawns and a Bishop and a nearly crushing advantage.  But a subtle misstep on move 34 saw Karthik able to take a perpetual check.

We heard Ishaar’s shout of joy from two hallways away in the playing room, as he advanced to sole Under-18 Champion.

Many thanks to iExcell for providing us with a wonderful location to hold the Championship, thanks to house players Akshat Shah and Anusha Nadkarni (who never did get a game,) thanks to all players who came to the Qualifier and the championship, and congratulations to our champions!

Final crosstable (by standings/by rating):

  No.            Name             Rate Pts  Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4
1 Chien,Jason                     1939  4.0  W5   W9   W2   W3
2 Alford,Joseph O                 1900  3.0  W6   W8   L1   W7
3 Ganesan, Ishaar Pe              1503  2.5 W10   W7   D8   L1
4 Bourgerie, Dennis               1737  2.0  L9   D5   D6   W8
5 Karra, Narayan Karthik          1390  2.0  L1   D4  W11   D6
6 Bafna, Mihir                    1332  2.0  L2  W12   D4   D5
7 Berrocales, Seann                     2.0 W11   L3   W9   L2
8 Prabu, Advaith                  1479  1.5 W12   L2   D3   L4
9 Kumar, Prithiv Sen              1311  1.5  W4   L1   L7  D10
10 Mahajan,Jai                    1200  1.5  L3  D11  D12   D9
11 Chandramouli, Adithya          1403  1.0  L7  D10   L5  D12
12 Mcdade, Pierce                  880  1.0  L8   L6  D10  D11
13 Shah, Akshat                    736  0.0 -N-  -N-  -N-  -N-
14 Nadkarni, Anusha                642  0.0 -N-  -N-  -N-  -N-



July 20, 2013 – Qualifier for TCCC Championship 2013

In our qualifying event for the Championship, eight players fought over four rounds.  Our first place winner, with a perfect 4.0 score was Sahil Chindal fromPeoria.

Our second place winner, and first qualifier into the Championship, was Seann Berrocales, with a 3.0 score.

Third through sixth places tied with two points each.  The next two qualifers were Pierce McDade and Ryan Wilke.

Rounding out the two point field were Anusha Nadkarni and Akshat Shah.  Photos are available at this link.

Thank you to all who participated, and we look forward to seeing the winners at the Championship!

Selected games with commentary by 2012 TCCC Champion Joseph Alford (pgn file at this link):

TCCC 2013 Championship Qualifier -- Qualifier                 Wall Chart, Page 1

      Name/ID                Group/Team  Rate  Rnd 1   Rnd 2   Rnd 3   Rnd 4
   1. Chindal, Sahil                  0 |1192 | B 5   | W 4   | B 2   | W 3   |
         15102770                       |     |  1.0  |  2.0  |  3.0  |  4.0  |
   2. Berrocales, Seann               1 |nnnn | B 6   | W 3   | W 1   | B 7   |
         12641991                       |     |  1.0  |  2.0  |  2.0  |  3.0  |
   3. Mcdade, Pierce                  1 | 880 | W 8   | B 2   | W 4   | B 1   |
         14359001                       |     |  1.0  |  1.0  |  2.0  |  2.0  |
   4. Wilke,Ryan Scott                1 | 543 | W 7   | B 1   | B 3   | ---   |
         15151565                       |     |  1.0  |  1.0  |  1.0  | X2.0  |
   5. Nadkarni, Anusha                1 | 642 | W 1   | B 7   | BYE   | W 6   |
         14789160                       |     |  0.0  |  0.0  |  1.0  |  2.0  |
   6. Shah, Akshat                    1 | 736 | W 2   | B 8   | W 7   | B 5   |
         15065154                       |     |  0.0  |  1.0  |  2.0  |  2.0  |
   7. Saravanan, Pugazhe              1 | 875 | B 4   | W 5   | B 6   | W 2   |
         15055891                 SARAV |     |  0.0  |  1.0  |  1.0  |  1.0  |
   8. Saravanan, Kavin                1 | 620 | B 3   | W 6   | HALF  | ---   |
         14833981                 SARAV |     |  0.0  |  0.0  |  0.5  | F0.5  |


On Saturday, July 20, 2013, we will hold an unrated tournament for qualifying for the Club Chapmionship.

This tournament is for players who have either never been rated, or have a United States Chess Federation rating Under 1200.  The Championship itself is only open to those over 1200 USCF and those who qualify at this tournament.

The top three players in this four round tournament will be qualified to play in the Championship (at no further entry fee cost.)  The next highest scoring player will be offered the opportunity to be a “house player,” a player who will play in championship rounds only if there are an odd number of players for that round (the player will also be an alternate if the next higher players do not play.)  The house player will have to be present for the start of all rounds of the tournament.

Playing in the championship does require USCF Membership, and qualifiers must be residents of McLean County.  If qualifiers are not current USCF Members we will cover membership for the tournament (please be prepared to stay long enough after the tournament to fill out the club’s  USCF registration form.)

The games will be held at iExcell, 2416. E. Washington St., in Bloomington.  You must check in with the Tournament Director before 9 AM to play.  [See for a Google Map to the venue.]   We request all players preregister if at all possible.

Other details:  The tournament is Game 45/d5 (each player has forty-five minutes per side.)  Bringing your own chess clock is strongly encouraged.  Entry fee is $10.00.  Players / parents should plan to be at the tournament as late as 5:00 PM.  We will start as soon as possible after 9 A.M. (we intend to give any players arriving after 9:00 AM a half point round one bye,) and all rounds will follow as soon as possible but including a lunch break.  Round times are predicted to be 9:15, 10:45, 1:00, and 3:00; on this schedule the tournament will end about 4:30.

The location is iExcell, Suites B2 & B3, 2416 E. Washington St., Bloomington, Illinois 61704.

TO REGISTER: Return the following form to Dennis Bourgerie, Box 157, Normal, Illinois 61761-0157, OR call 454-3842 OR e-mail to

E-mail registrations must receive an affirmative reply of receipt to be considered valid.

 Last Name____________________________First Name____________________________
 USCF Number (if applicable)______________ Phone__________________
 Rating_____________ OR Never had a USCF Rating- Put an “x” here_________________