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TCCC 2011 Club Championship – Awards Photos

The trophies for the Twin City Chess Club championship of 2011 were presented on March 21st, 2011.  Photos (with links to higher resolutions) are below.

Because this is a picture-heavy thread that is crosslinked to the championship, the other photos after the first are below a cut line.  Click on the “More” link to see the remainder.

Champions with trophies 2011
(t/b l-r) Joseph Alford (Open,) Surya Kopula (Open,) Chris Morgan (U12,) Nikhil Palem (U12,) Hanson Hao (schol.) Not pictured: L.T. Thompson (U12,) Niranjan Panneerselvam (Schol.)


March 21,2011 – Championship Awards Presentation

The 2011 Championship trophies were awarded on Monday, March 21st, prior to Round 2 of the G/60 tournament!  Congratulations to our winners!

Photos are now available at this link.

Champions:  Joseph Alford, Surya Kopula

Scholastic Champions:  Hanson Hao, Niranjan Panneerselvam

Under 1200 Champions:  Chris Morgan, L.T. Thompson, Nikhil Pallem

Post Upload Update

The Round 6 web games, All Games, and ChessBase Archive file from the annotated section (along with the PGN files) have been updated following a discovery by Dennis Bourgerie of a winning line in the Kopula-Bourgerie draw from the sixth round. Well worth a look, by whatever method you’d like!

TCCC Club Championship 2011 – Final Status

Final Status as of Tuesday, March 28, 2011, 8:00 AM:

(Barring any errors or addtional presentation photos, all links are complete and the updating for the tournament is now complete.)

All games in Round 6 have been played.  The tournament is over.  The Round 6 link below has narrative, and the final crosstable is posted below the links table here.

All games are now available, by single round or the entire tournament.  The all games web and pgn links are in the table below.

If you would prefer a single-file ChessBase Archive (.cbv) file to download, the links are here for annotated and here for unannotated.  (We seem to have a problem getting  a link to the free version of ChessBase Light…  More on this later, but if you don’t have ChessBase then use the pgn links in the table below.)

The trophies have been presented, and photos are available at this link. (

Thank you all for a wonderful tournament!

The table below links to every tournament page created for the tournament.

TCCC Championship 2011

Tournament Links Table

Round Ann/XT


Unannotated Games
Round Date Status Web PGN Web PGN
Pre-Tourn Tournament
1 1/17/11 Complete Link Link Link Link Link
2 1/24/11 Complete Link Link Link Link Link
3 2/7/11* Complete Link Link Link Link Link
4 2/14/11 Complete Link Link Link Link Link
5 2/21/11 Complete Link Link Link Link Link
6 2/28/11 Complete Link Link Link Link Link
Post- Tourn Link to
will be

All Games

Link will be here

Link Link Link Link
* Round 3 postponed from 1/31/10 to 2/7/10 due to weather & attendance. All subsequent rounds pushed back one week.  All dates are corrected on this table.

Final Tournament Crosstable:

TCCC Championship 2011

Note:  Worst Round Dropped in parenthesis for those in contention.  

Players:OP                                                                Page 1

 No.            Name            Rate Pts  Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5 Rnd6
 1 Alford,Joseph O             1900  4.5  W16   W7   W2  W15   D3  (L4) <- Tied, Open Champion
 2 Kopula, Suryapraka          1743  4.5  W26   W5  (L1)  W4  -X-   D3 <- Tied, Open Champion
 3 Bourgerie,Dennis            1785  4.0  W11  W20  L15   W6   D1   D2
 4 Bonwell, Jonathan           1798  4.0  W12  L15   W7   L2   W8   W1
 5 Panneerselvam, Nir          1394  3.5  W10   L2 (---)  W8   W7   D6 <- Tied, Scholastic Champion
 6 Hao,Hanson                  1488  3.5 (---) W13  W19   L3  W12   D5 <- Tied, Scholastic Champion
 7 Morgan,Chris                 731  3.0  W23   L1   L4  W11  (L5)  W12 <- Tied, U1200/Unr.
 8 Pallem,Nikhil               1185  3.0  W18  W12  L17  (L5)   L4  W11 <- Tied, U1200/Unr.
 9 Thompson,L.T.                     3.0  ---  --- (---)  W23  W10  W13 <- Tied, U1200/Unr.
 10 Boyle, Michael              427  2.0   L5  L21  W18  W19   L9  L16
 11 Arquette, Ray               566  2.0   L3  L17  W14   L7  W27   L8
 12 Laudenslager,Wesley              2.0   L4   L8  W14  W13   L6   L7
 13 Bishop,Michael                   2.0  D24   L6  D23  L12  W19   L9
 14 Arnold,Brian                     2.0  L20  L19  L11  L12  W25  W18
 15 Karagianis,Petros          2262  2.0  ---   W4   W3   L1  -F-  ---
 16 Thangadurai,Braga           711  2.0  L1  W18  ---  ---  ---  W10
 17 Scott, Garrett H           1429  2.0  ---  W11   W8  ---  ---  ---
 18 Raut,Grishma                     1.0   L8  L16  L10  W25  ---  L14
 19 Kopula,Vishwanth            603  1.0  ---  W14   L6  L10  L13  ---
 20 Kitson,Colley Eri          1580  1.0  W14   L3  ---  ---  ---  ---
 21 Smith, Jeffrey L           1417  1.0  ---  W10  ---  ---  ---  ---
 22 Chandramouli,Aditha         789  1.0  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  W23
 23 Erickson,Darren             890  0.5   L7  ---  D13   L9  ---  L22
 24 Madugula, Nikhil            769  0.5  D13  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---
 25 Barnes,Carl                      0.0  ---  ---  ---  L18  L14  ---
 26 Samhan,Soabhe A                  0.0   L2  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---
 27 Schneringer,Dylan           425  0.0  ---  ---  ---  ---  L11  ---

Round 6 TCCC Championship

The final round of the Twin City Chess Club Championship for 2011 was played on Monday, February 28, 2011.

In our final round Joseph Alford lost and Suryapraka Kopula drew, tying them at at 4.5 score for the Open Championship.

In the scholastic players, Niranjan Panneerselvam and Hanson Hao drew, tying them at 3.5 score for the Scholastic Championship.

In the Under 1200 – Unrated players, three players won their games to tie at a 3.0 score for the U1200-Unrated Champion:  Chris Morgan, L.T. Thompson, and Nikhil Pallem.

Congratualtions to all the winners, and thanks to all for having played in the Championship!

Next week, we resume our regular programming – it’s G/20 time!

Crosstable and original announcement follow the cut.


Round 5 TCCC Championship

Round 5 was played on February 21st, 2011.  It was indeed a critical round in the Championship, but in unexpected ways.

In the open, Joe Alford and Dennis Bourgerie drew their game.  Joe is now at 4.5 and Dennis is now at 3.5.  Joe can gain 5.0 with a win next week and his draw dropped as worst result, but either a draw or loss will be dropped as worst result, making Joe’s minimum possible score 4.5.  Dennis has the capability with a win next week of reaching 4.5.

Surya Kopula won his game due to a time forfeit, bringing his score to 4.0.  Surya also has a chance at a 5.0 score.

Niranjan Panneerselvam won his game against Chris Morgan, and Hanson Hao won against Wes Laudenslager.  Niranjan and Hansen are now tied at 3.0 in the scholastic category.

There are now seven players under 1200 with a 2.0 score:  Nikhil Pallem, Ray Arquette, Michael Boyle, Michael Bishop, Wesley Laudenslager, Chris Morgan, and newcomer L.T. Thompson (who has gone two for two so far.)

Crosstable and original announcement follows the cut.


Round 4 TCCC Championship

Round 4 is now complete.  Joe Alford upset the highest rated player, and is now the only player who has a  perfect 4.0 score.   With two rounds remaining only Joe, Dennis Bourgerie, and Surya Kopula can make a 5.0 score (dropping worst result.)  Round 5 will almost certainly be a crucial round in determining the championship.

The scholastic championship is now a three-way tie for the lead.  Nikhil Pallem, Niranjan Panneerselvam, and Hanson Hao are all tied with a 2.0 score.  Much battling remains with only two rounds left to determine a champion.

The Under-1200 rating is also a three-way tie with 2.0 points for the lead.  Nikhil Pallem, Michael Boyle, and Chris Morgan are all tied with two rounds left to play.  Wes Laudenslager also tied with 2.0 in a make-up game with Michael Bishop. 

Exciting times are ahead for the final third of the tournament.  Join us February 21st for more play!

Crosstable and original announcement follow the cut; all other tournament links are available here.


Round 3 TCCC Championship

Round 3 of the Twin City Chess Club Championship for 2011 was played on February 7, 2011, after being postponed on January 31st due to weather and attendance.  Sixteen players were present.  There is one pending prior request for a make-up game due to inability to attend.

Joe Alford continues a perfect record with 3.0 / 3.0.  However, seven more players have a 2.0 / 3.0 score and are right on Joe’s heels.  With the “worst result dropped” system, we are still looking at fierce competition for the overall prize.

One player rated Under 1200, Nikhil Pallem, is one of those seven with 2.0 / 3.0 score so far, and leads that trophy category at the moment.  But six more players Under 1200 to unrated are sitting with a 1.0 score.  Again, anything can still happen for the Under trophy.

The same is true of the Scholastic (Under 18) trophy.  Nikhil and Hanson Hao are in the lead for  that trophy at the moment, but there are many other players who can still contend for that prize.

Play continues next week on February 14th, 2011.  We hope to see you there!

All tournament links are now available here, including links to unannotated games.   Games annotated by Joe Alford will be available shortly.

Tournament crosstable follows the cut.


Round 2 TCCC Championship

Round two of the club championship is complete.  Twenty three players have entered the tournament so far, and in Round Two  there were twenty players  playing in ten games.    Next week on Monday, January 31:  Round 3.  Check in from 7:00-7:20, round is paired at 7:20 and play will begin at 7:30.

We have four players with a perfect 2.0 score so far, but another ten players are sitting with a 1.0 score.  With worst result dropped the championships are still very much up in the air.

Crosstable from Round 2 follows the cut.  All games from Round 2 (both with and without commentary yet) are now available.  Consult the tournament status table,  here, for links to these games and all other pages dedicated to the tournament. (more…)

Round 1 TCCC Championship Complete

Round one of the club championship is complete.  We had 18 players play nine games.  There was a heavy influx of unrated players.  Next week on Monday, January 24:  Round 2.  Check in from 7:00-7:20, round is paired at 7:20 and play will begin at 7:30.

Our format drops each player’s single worst result of the six rounds, so all trophies are still in complete contention.

Games from Round 1 are available now.  Games annotated by Joe Alford are available here, and unannotated games are available here.  All other tournament links are now available here.

Crosstable from Round 1 follows the cut. (more…)