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Meeting Tuesday, December 23rd

To avoid making people choose between family and chess on Christmas Eve, we’ll meet on Tuesday, December 23rd.  Watch the main page / current events to see what we’ll do for New Years Eve week!

About, Meeting Location, and General Information

Location, Meetings, and Membership Information

Twin City Chess Club, serving the Chess Players of Bloomington/Normal in Illinois, was established in 1967.  We meet weekly on Wednesday nights from 7:00PM to ? (usually 8:30-9:00ish) in the cafe at Barnes & Noble, 1701 E. Empire, Bloomington, IL. (We may be earlier there than 7:00, we may end earlier or later than 9:00 PM. But we aim to always have a club member present by 7:00 PM.) Google maps to both locations are below. Check the homepage for exceptions and other event dates.

Come by and sit down for a game!

In the past we have charged membership rates for ongoing participation in the club, in order to help offset the costs of being able to meet at our locations. At this time we are not charging the fee, but we ask you would consider purchasing goods (coffee/desserts/books/etc.) from our hosts – they give us table space to be there!  Donations accepted, though.

Stop by and check us out!

Twin City Chess club is an affiliate of the United States Chess Federation and also the Illinois Chess Association. Tournament events are rated by the United States Chess Federation unless posted otherwise. USCF membership is additionally required to participate in these events. Illinois Chess Association membership is encouraged, but not required, to participate at TCCC. We can talk about what this means when you stop by and visit!

(If you’re curious as to why the logo says “Twin Cities Chess Club,” and the rest of the site spells it, “Twin City Chess Club”: Bloomington-Normal is known as the “Twin Cities,” however, there is already a “Twin Cities Chess Club” in the USCF records. So for USCF purposes we have to register ourselves as “Twin City Chess Club.” In the club, though, most everyone calls it “Twin Cities…” 😉 )

Barnes & Noble:

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