April 26, 2012 – Jonathan Bonwell Simul

Jon Bonwell showed why he received a trophy in the Championship.  In four games played (three rated, one unrated,) Jon won three and lost one.  Quite an impressive feat for being G/60 per side and timed!  Congratulations and thanks to Jon!

Photos and Games will be forthcoming.

Original Post:

After last week’s additional games where Jonathan Bonwell elected to simul two players, he announced that on Monday, April 26th, he’ll play any and all players in a simul.  Any individual who plays Jon may elect (before start of game) to have the game rated or unrated.

You must be present by 7:15 PM to play Jon; play is expected to begin at 7:30.  If you can’t be present until 7:30, please call Tournament Director Darren Erickson at 309-336-0103 on Monday the 26th.  If you are not present by 7:30, you will not be able to play in the simul.

House rule for this event:  Jon’s opponents are required to take notation, and Jon is exempted from taking notation.  We reserve the right to determine colors at tournament time.

Come and see if you’ve got what it takes to take down one of our 2012 Championship trophy winners!

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