April 13-28, 2011 – U.S. Championship

A half dozen of us traveled to St. Louis on Saturday, April 23rd, to watch the first semifinal round of the U.S. Championship.  Darren Erickson, Chris Morgan, Garrett Scott, Joseph Alford, Dennis Bourgerie, and Michael Boyle went to see the action:

  • Gata Kamsky drew against Sam Shankland
  • Yury Shulman drew against Robert Hess
  • Camilla Baginskaite won over Tatev Abrahamyan
  • Anna Zatonskih won over Irina Krush

A good time was had by all of us, and a more complete report is available as a photo essay at this post in the Photos section.

The games that we witnessed (with thanks to The Week in Chess for having the pgn readily available.):


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The U.S. Championship returns to the Chess Club and Scholastic Center in St. Louis in April.  Last year we took a field trip by carpool and six club members were present for a day.

We are planning a return carpooling trip this year.  The date will be over next weekend (April 23-24.)  If you are planning on going, we need to know by Monday, April 18th.  This is the last chance to participate!

More details below the cut.


We do need to determine who is driving what vehicle(s).

Costs:  It is $10.00 admittance to the CCSCSL for the day.  We plan on splitting gas.  There are places to get bites here and there (we hit fast food on the way out of town last time,) but the offerings we found right around the chess center were fairly costly.

TCCC Tournament?  The director of the Chess Center, Tony Rich, informed me that we can play games outside, but that they don’t plan on having inside playing space.  I am willing to run Quick closed quads if anyone is interested (rated or unrated, or might consider a blitz swiss depending on interest.)  Our primary purpose in going down is not playing.  But I would love to be able to report here that we actually played some games at the CCSCSL a few yards away from the best of the U.S.  Please use the comment section to express your interest in doing this – I want to have an answer before we leave as to if we’re doing this.

Link to 2011 Championship page at CCSCSL

Round days and schedule after the cut

Thursday April 14 – Opening ceremonies – no games

First block of rounds (all game times 2PM-8PM):

Fri Apr 15 – Round 1, Sat Apr 16 – Round 2, Sun Apr 17 – Round 3, Sun Apr 18 – Round 4, Mon Apr 19 – Round 5, Tue Apr 20 – Round 6, Wed Apr 21 – Round 7, Thu Apr 22 – Round 8

Friday Apr 22 – Possible preliminary playoff 2PM, but is also marked Rest Day

Sat Apr 23 2PM Semifinals Round 1.

Sun Apr 24 2PM Semifinals Round 2.

Mon Apr 24 – rest day but 2 PM possible playoff and Open Blitz tournament in evening.

Tue Apr 26, 2PM Championship Match and Third Place Round 1

Wed Apr 27, 12 PM Third Place Round 2.  2 PM Championship Round 2, possible third place playoff 7 PM.

Thu Apr 28, 12 PM – Championship playoff if needed, photo op for media, and closing ceremonies at 7 PM.

One Response to “April 13-28, 2011 – U.S. Championship”

  1. Darren Erickson says:

    I am interested. I would strongly prefer (may need) a weekend day.

    This makes my first choice Sat. April 23 for Semifinal Round 1, second Sun. April 24 for Semifinal Round 2, third Sun. April 17 for round 3.

    And I would fill out a quad if needed-rated or unrated is OK, though I personally prefer rated to have a permanent record of our adventure. 😉

    Disclaimer: All of the above are my personal opinions, not the way it has to be. 😀