April 11-25, 2011 – Monthly G/60 CXR Rated

Apologies for not given an update sooner…

April 25th saw a night of heavy rain and few players.

Instead of playing the one game possible the decision was made by the players to just have a skittles night.  This means that the tournament is complete after Round 2.  Congratulations to Joseph Alford and Jonathan Bonwell, who finished the tournament with perfect 2-0 scores.  We will determine the winner of the Chess Thing on tiebreaks and edit this post once that has been completed, along with the final crosstable by ranking, along with links to the tournament at Chess Express.

Interim crosstable and former posts after the cut.

TCCC April G/60 CXR Rated
No.            Name          Rate  Pts Rnd1 Rnd2
 1 Alford, Joseph O          1919  2.0  W7   W3
 2 Bonwell, Jonathan         1718  2.0  W5   W6
 3 Bourgerie, Dennis         1727  1.0  W8   L1
 4 Panneerselvam, Nir        1518  1.0  W9  ---
 5 Erickson, Darren R         878  1.0  L2   W9
 6 Sobery, Nathaniel         1302  0.0 ---   L2
 7 Arnold, Brian C           1206  0.0  L1  ---
 8 Thompson, Lamont T        1017  0.0  L3  ---
 9 Boyle, Michael             523  0.0  L4   L5

Eight players on Monday night began the first G/60 tournament rated by Chess Express.  Rather than play our usual 1 vs. 2 format Swiss, we paired a standard Swiss which caused a change from playing the usual opponents.   While there were no real surprises in the results (all higher rated players won,) there were games where the higher rated players had to prove themselves

The action continues on April 18th with pairings being made at 7:20 P.M.  With two rounds left there is plenty of time to contest for a Chess Thing!

Crosstable after Round 1:

No.          Name            Rate  Pts  Rnd1
 1 Alford, Joseph O          1919  1.0   W5
 2 Bourgerie, Dennis         1727  1.0   W6
 3 Bonwell, Jonathan         1718  1.0   W7
 4 Panneerselvam, Nir        1518  1.0   W8
 5 Arnold, Brian C           1206  0.0   L1
 6 Thompson, Lamont T        1017  0.0   L2
 7 Erickson, Darren R         878  0.0   L3
 8 Boyle, Michael             523  0.0   L4

Original announcement and TLA after the cut.

* * *

The two things you can’t avoid are death and taxes….  And while April 15th is coming up, we’ve got something you don’t want to avoid!  Our monthly G/60 series continues on Mondays 11th, 18th, and 25th!

For April’s events we are trying something different, not in the tournament itself but the rating of it.  April’s events will be rated by Chess Express ratings service and not the United States Chess Federation.  USCF Membership will not be required.  Details still need to be worked out in terms of what we will need in regards to Chess Express membership.  Stay tuned to this announcement for more details as the event approaches.

Monthly G/60 Tournament – April 11, 18, and 25, 2011.  CXR Rated.

Colley’s Chess Cafe, 320 N. Main St., Bloomington, IL 61704. 3SS, 1 Rd/Wk, G/60 + 5 Sec. CXR Rated. 1 Open Section. Homemade plaque to 1st place overall. $1.00/Rd. EF plus rating fee (if any.) Onsite Registration: 7:00-7:20 P.M. Round Start: 7:30 P.M. Questions to: Chris Morgan, 309-261-4634. No Smoking. No Computers. Wheelchair Accessible. Follow us on Facebook – “Twin Cities Chess Club.”

For those who don’t understand “TLA Speak*” :

The event will be held at Colley’s Chess Cafe. It is a 3 Round tournament (3 games per player in the tournament.) Each week we will play one round (you are playing one game each week for three weeks.) It will be a Swiss System tournament, which is the most common type of chess tournament. Each player will have 60 minutes on their clock to play all your moves in each game, and each player will have a delay of 5 seconds on each move before the clock starts to count down.

It is a Chess Express Rated tournament.  We will be publishing the additional fee required for membership or rating as soon as we have details finalized.  The maximum cost of this will be less than $7.00 per year, however, we may have a lower rate available.

There is only one section – all participants will compete against each other. There will be no prizes for participation. There is a $1.00 entry fee charged for each round played (plus any required membership fee) – $3.00 plus rating fee (if any) total if you play all three rounds.

Arrive to register for the tournament between 7:00 PM and 7:20 PM. (It is highly recommended that you arrive as close to 7:00 as possible.) On each week the games will begin at 7:30 – if you are not present in subsequent weeks, it is assumed you are not playing that week. (Typically, each round ends between 9:30 and 10:00 P.M.)

If you have further questions you may call the Event’s Tournament Director, Chris Morgan, at 309-262-5553.

No smoking is allowed inside the building, and computer programs are not allowed to be entered. The facility is wheelchair accessible. We have a Facebook site that you can also check out (use the “Our Facebook Site” button to the right!)

See you there!

* – TLA = Tournament Life Announcement, a shorthand way to speak of a tournament announcement (typically placed in the Tournament Life section of Chess Life magazine or online at the USCF website.)

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