The Klingon Admiral
wishes us well(*)...
Both of us amused
(**) ... maybe we
drank enough.
'How do I get this
holocam to work?'
"Holocam?  Hello,
Posing in front of a
preserved Ferengi!
We go off to ride the
stars together!
LV & Nikki's Wedding
July 28, 2005
Kevin's Shots - Page 3
(*)  Actually, he wished
Nikki well in her,
"training of me," and
wanted to make sure she
had a good pain stick at
hand for this purpose....
(**)  One thing that these
pictures all miss is that after the
dinner, the family and friends
all threw tribbles (well, cotton
balls) at us instead of rice.  :D  
That shot was after the 'tribble