Nikki outside The
Both of us... ready to
go?  OK!
Mom, Heidi and Nikki
before the service
Mom & Heidi... "He's
about to find out! ;) "
The back of the
Bridge area
Getting stuff after the
Holding hands... with
our rings!
Sorry, Heidi, but the
graphic was Cool!
Nikki and I each with
a handful of Tribble
and our 'bridge'
passes - note that
she's the Admiral and
I'm the Captain...
Carol Burge, Mom,
and Heidi at the
dinner table
The Klingon Admiral
allows us to pose
with him!
Nikki on the strip, as
we're walking home...
LV & Nikki's Wedding
July 28, 2005
Pre/Post Wedding Bonus shots!