Are they ducks?  
Goslings?  We dunno!
Nikki meets another
horny old goat...
His hair was so
coarse, but pettable!
Nikki contemplates
trading in LV for him.
A shot especially for
GiGi - potbellied pig!
The real deal,
Galapagos Tortises!
Nikki at the tortoises -
they had a race later!
Yes, it is a turtle near
my pocket, and I am..;)
Where do Donner and
Blitzen spend their
This owl was flat
They kept swimming
in circles, circles,
circles!  And we
wished we could join
them - it was hot!
They're just breaking
surface again -
Nikki's in the upper
left.  I understand -
she gets a rise out of
me, too!
LV and Nikki's Zoo Adventure
August 21, 2005
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