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Work Information
I'm currently working at a medical practice in Bloomington, Illinois.
Job Title
Support Services Coordinator
("What's that?" you ask? If it is IT, or physical plant/facilities, it's probably my responsibility.) ;)
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Favorite Links

Contact Information
Either you know, or you don’t.  Sorry.
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Web address
E-mail address
Right here.
A puzzle, if you’re determined.
webmaster hat laughingvulcan doot borg
Office phone
Now make the chapeau an at sign, take an o out of doot and
make it punctuation, and take away a bee from the Borg.
Sorry to do that, but I hate spam robots.
Er, why did you need to know???
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Current Projects
  • Finding time to write
  • Loving Life
  • Being married to the most wonderful woman ever!!!
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Biographical Information
LaughingVulcan is my net identity.
 I'm Darren Erickson, ordained in and formerly of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Having been ordained, I do feel still entitled to Rev. Darren Erickson,
though I don't use the title. I currently live in Bloomington, Illinois.  I'm still
rebuilding my professional life, but am delighted that personally, I'm
married to the superb Nikki Peppermint!
Personal Interests
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Other things to find banging
around on ...
There is:
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web counter yet, and probably won't...
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And every silly person secretly has a stoic inside.
(At least I do…)